1031 Tax Exchange in Tucson, AZ

Arizona 1031 Tax ExchangeArizona Tax Free Deferral through an Arizona Property 1031 Tax Exchanges offers a way to preserve the wealth that you have worked so hard to accumulate and in turn grow your investment assets by reinvesting the deferred tax savings into other Arizona Investment Properties.

In a typical Arizona Deferred Exchange, the most common type of real estate tax free exchange, you the taxpayer sells a business or investment property and acquires an Arizona Replacement Property of equal or greater value within 180 days. The use of a Qualified Intermediary, such as MyOwnArizona™ network of 1031 Exchange Services, is an Arizona safe harbor to facilitate a valid tax deferred exchange.

This MyOwnArizona™ network of Qualified Intermediary must possess intimate experience and a thorough understanding of the State of Arizona 1031-A Properties rules, requirements and regulations. At MyOwnArizona 1031 network we focus solely on facilitating exchanges of Real Estate Tax Property with quality, expertise and pricing.

Arizona 1031 Tax Exchange


There are other types of Arizona Section 1031 Tax IRS Exchanges, such as Reverse Exchanges, Improvement Exchanges, and Personal Property Exchanges. MyOwnArizona™ network of 1031 Exchange Specialists provides excellent expertise for such tax free exchanges and your MyOwnArizona™ network of 1031 Exchange Specialists can discuss the specifics of your situation with you.